Bernafon Hearing Aids & Reviews

Bernafon is a Swiss based hearing aid manufacturing company engaged in this business for more than 60 years now. Bernafon is a sister company of Oticon and is owned by the William Demant Holding Group. However, Oticon is bigger supplier of the two in the UK. It was 24 years back in 1998 that Bernafon manufactured the world’s very first digitally programmable hearing instrument. Introduction of this technology was a turning point in the technology used for making hearing aids and amidst all, Bernafon company left its long lasting impression on the world of hearing aids manufacturers. Then it was in year 2002 that Bernafon came back with a bang when they introduced the world with its latest and most innovative product, which was introducing the first Channel Free hearing system, a unique approach to signal processing.

The hearing aids made by Bernafon are offered in a complete range of styles, colours and options. These hearing aids are very easy to operate with an option of operating it with optional remote control system. The most advanced technology has been used to make these hearing aids and they can be connected to other communication devices such as Bluetooth. Another feature of Bernafon hearing aid is that these can be worn invisibly in and behind the ear or in a visible mode in a  fashionable mode. Hearing aids made by Bernafon are made up using state-of-an-art technology beyond explanation and can be compared to all the modern day gadgets that a human being can use. Just like there are PCs, notebooks and electronic agendas, today’s standard hearing solutions also come in various styles and designs, supplied by Bernafon.

In Europe, hearing aids supplied by Bernafon are all ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified. All the hearing aids sold in European markets are compliant with Europe’s Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC) and are therefore CE marked. In USA, all Bernafon products  that are sold comply with rules and regulations issued by US Food AND Drug Administration. In another major continent, Australia it is marketed only after they comply with regulations issued by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

Listed are some of very famous hearing aids manufactured by Bernafon:

BTE [Behind-The-Ear]: This hearing device fits behind the ear and can vary depending upon size and their power performance. The sound tube provided which connects the instrument to the ear tube can be either a standard or customized depending upon the specification given by the customer.

CIC [Completely-In-The-Canal] / ITC [In-The-Canal]: This is one of the the smallest hearing aids available in the market and thus these CIC and ITC hearing aids are almost invisible. The drawback connected with CIC is that it is not useful for people suffering from severe hearing loss problem or those having a very narrow ear canal. For people with such problems, another available option is the ITC or the ITE [In The Ear] instrument. ITC hearing aid is larger and easier than CIC in terms of handling. The program and volume change can be adjusted manually.

RITE [Receiver-In-The-Ear]: This hearing aid known as RITE is the ultimate combination of the benefits of two machines i.e. BTE and CIC. This machine is perfect in sound quality and design. This hearing aid device also stays almost invisible as the speaker unit is fitted inside the ear canal.

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