Resound Hearing Aids & Reviews

Headquartered in Ballerup, Denmark, ReSound is part of the GN ReSound Group, one of the world’s largest providers of hearing instruments and diagnostic audiological instrumentation which in turn is part of GN Store Nord. In the UK they have a head office near Oxford.

ReSound is represented in more than 80 countries. They draw on a vast pool of resources at technology centers around the world, where researchers work to apply technology to real human situations

Resound has been manufacturing hearing aids since 1943. Over the last 20 years, they have been bringing many innovative hearing aid technologies to market. Possibly the most important was the introduction of the world’s first true open technology hearing aid – the Resound Air.

Resound offers one of the market’s latest and most updated product lineups of hearing aids.

ReSound Verso – ReSound Verso™ uses unique one of a kind technologies that supports the way hearing naturally works. Is called as Binaural Fusion™.

Binaural Fusion delivers well-to-do full sound, exceptional performance in background noise, superior feedback management, everything in an easy-to-use instrument. This allows for an added natural hearing experience.

ReSound Alera® – ReSound Alera® enhances hearing in even the most complex listening environments, based on core technologies such as Natural Directionality II, Environmental Optimizer II and Surround Sound. With ReSound Alera®, sound is crisper, cleaner as well as works more like natural hearing, providing a superior listening experience.

Its influential 2.4 GHz technology provides cable-free fittings and truly wireless connections to daily audio devices such as TVs and phones. The combination of ReSound Alera’s broad transmission range and the liberty it provides from body-worn streamers makes ReSound Alera® both suitable and easy-to-use.

ReSound Alera TS™ – ReSound Alera TS™ combines superior hearing aid technology to an innovative tinnitus sound generator. It changes tinnitus management, no matter you have a hearing loss or not. With ReSound Alera TS™:

  • Your concentration will be drawn away from your tinnitus
  • The troubling tinnitus noise will be less clear
  • You will receive a highly individualized solution
  • Combined with well-versed counseling, the sound generator built into ReSound Alera TS™ is known as a highly efficient way of managing tinnitus.

ReSound Live™ Just like going from a set of stereo speakers to a much modified surround sound system, ReSound Live™ hearing aids deliver an exceptional surround sound experience.

With a superior sense of alertness—of being there—you will enjoy fuller, richer and more thorough sound quality. You will be able to situate where sounds are coming from more effortlessly and enjoy conversations yet in noisy environments.

Experience sounds the way they were intended to be heard with ReSound Live™ hearing aids. Sounds in complete detail.

dot² by ReSound – dot² by ReSound are small hearing aids. Their sleek design hides behind your ears so no one else will observe it. Weighing nearly the same as a paper clip, it is too lightweight to feel it. However by means of a seriously powerful punch, dot2 by ReSound provides vivid enhancement for your hearing.

Overview: dot² by ReSound is powered by our only one of its kind Surround Sound Processor™. Just like a enclose sound speaker system, the hearing aids processes bass and treble individually, providing a rich, smoothly blended listening experience.

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