Unitron Hearing Aids & Reviews

Unitron is a division of the Sonova group who also own manufacturer Phonak. Its UK head office is based in Warrington.

Unitron hearing aids are usually lower in cost to Phonak. The technologies used by the two companies are alike but not completely the same. Unitron products stand for excellent value for money and excellent sound quality.

For nearly half a century, Unitron has developed innovative hearing solutions motivated by real life. Their hearing instruments are built on the world’s most superior platform and reflect the depth of audiological and scientific expertise. Unitron employees are present worldwide who collaborate with healthcare professionals to improve life for those with hearing loss.

Unitron Products

Unitron has a full range of products to meet your individual needs:

Moxi – Moxi™ is the tiny little hearing aid that goes ahead of great looks. It offers a classy performance as well. The sounds are quite natural with Moxi and it is very comfortable at the same time. Its advanced technologies work mutually to highlight the quality sounds in your life, Voices, Conversations, Laughter, and Music etc.
With Moxi you can go through life enjoying its natural sound. Moxi constantly monitors your listening situation and adjusts its settings automatically to give speech clarity.

Quantum – Quantum™ is a latest generation of fully automatic hearing instruments that lets you practice the most natural, effortless listening anywhere.
With Quantum you can move through life enjoying natural sound. Quantum continuously monitors your listening situations and adjusts its settings automatically to provide speech clarity and noise ease in any situation.

Max – Max™ is a Super Power hearing aid designed with the purpose to give those with severe to profound hearing loss what they require most.

Max shifts communication sounds away from the areas where your hearing is most spoiled and into the variety where you can hear them. Automatically experience improved speech understanding with no giving up awareness of everyday sounds. Max provides all the power you require without irritating whistling. Max reduces sudden, loud sounds toward an easy level, without interrupting awareness.

Passport – Built upon innovative technology that is simple to understand, Passport™ premium-hearing instruments lets you to obtain better hearing. Passport empowers you with the confidence to converse, even in challenging listening atmospheres.

Passport automatically matches your hearing instrument settings to your environment using an array of superior, adaptive features.

Passport’s smartFocus™ technology allows you to adjust your hearing instruments in a completely new way, increasing listening fulfillment no matter where you are.

Passport supports the Unifi™ Wireless System making it yet easier to communicate with the people, places and technologies in your life.

Shine – Shine™ is a reasonably priced hearing instrument similar to no other, delivering the natural sound, comfortable listening and improved speech clarity not usually seen at this price level. That is because Shine is about more than providing immense value; it is about providing a hearing instrument that is priceless. The shine is the single hearing instrument in its class to offer a trio of high-performance features usually reserved for more costly products.

With Shine you obtain a wide range of shell styles, making it the ideal choice for most hearing losses, counting those requiring additional power.

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