Phonak Hearing Aids & Reviews

Being a part of the Sonova group, Phonak is a manufacturer from Switzerland. The hearing aid manufacturer Unitron is also owned by Sonova.

Phonak has international locations and sales partners in more than 100 countries.

Following are the hearing aid products by Phonak

Phonak Bolero Q – Phonak Bolero Q, is a new state of the art behind-the-ear hearing aids designed to go well with your individual lifestyle and hearing needs. Phonak Bolero Q is available in an array of styles. It is also available in a water and dust resistant model for added confidence in active situations.

Phonak CROS – Phonak CROS is a satisfying solution for individuals who have hearing in one ear only. The transmitter placed behind or inside your ear that is poorer picks up sound and transmits it wirelessly to the regular hearing ear. There will be no change in the hearing in your good ear and it will stay natural and completely unaffected.

Phonak Virto Q – Phonak Virto Q products are individually crafted to go with each individual own ear canal to fit right and comfortably in the ears. These products range from small to hidden with the perfect balance between performance and cosmetic appeal. Phonak Virto Q comes in a variety of performance levels and color options that will suit your individual requirements. Along with your hearing care expert, you can choose the best solution that will go with your lifestyle, level of hearing loss as well as budget.

Lyric – This advanced hearing aid by Phonak requires no handling at all and remains in your ear 24/7.

Naida s – Beginning from moderate to profound, The Naída S portfolio accommodates the complete range of hearing loss. Both the SuperPower (SP) and UltraPower (UP) models are offered within the classic Naída design. Naída S provides wide-ranging yet uncomplicated options and is accessible in three performance and cost levels to deal with the diversity of individual requirements. Naída S is offered in a wide array of colors.

Audeo s – Audéo S fuses the industry’s brightest, award-winning designs with a stylish technology. In other words, we have spiced up the Audéo collection. Adding Spice Technology means Audéo S products put forward an incomparable variety of applications, in surprisingly small housings to suit your individual preferences, Audéo S offers elegant combinations of design as well as color.  Having won four design awards.

Phonak (Sonova) holds significant shares of Boots Hearing care (David Ormerod Hearing Centers) in the United Kingdom. There is a strong possibility that if you are going to Boots Hearing care, you would be recommended Phonak Hearing aids. To incorporate a much faster processing chip (called Spice), Phonak upgraded their whole product range in 2010. The hearing aid is twice faster than their previous one. Beware of the fact that some of the retailers are continuing to sell the old version of Phonak models at discounted prices. Please make a note that the products to be avoided are Certena Art, Versata Art, and Exelia Art. Also, avoid any Audio that does not contain the letter “S” placed after it. For example, the new model is called Audeo S.

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