About Hearing Aids

We are your local, family owned hearing solution company giving you totally independent advice.

A hearing aid is an electroacoustic device, which is fitted in or behind the wearer’s ear. It Is designed to amplify and modulate sound for the person who is wearing it. Many types of hearing aids are available throughout the market. Paul and Jo Jolly will guide you to choose the right hearing aid for you. We will collect alot of information about you and your lifestyle to recommend the best solution to improve your quality of life.

After Care : After Care + Support is Paramount for you to obtain optimum benefit . All our appointments are extremely thorough and we see you regularly for checkups to ensure everything is working well for you.

You can call us anytime from 9am to 5pm. Our lines are open Monday – Friday E-mail requests may be answered out of hours.

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Welcome to Our Clinic

We give impartial advice on all areas of hearing healthcare from wax removal to hearing aids. Providing a local service with a high level of aftercare.

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  • 930 - 1700

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Paul Jolly



Paul has been in the hearing aid industry since he was 18, most of his earlier career was based in Harley Street but over the last 15 years he has focused on his family business. Paul has a wealth of experience to draw from to ensure you get the optimum hearing experience.

Jo Jolly



Jo started of in the medical profession as a nurse, she qualified as an Audiologist 20 years ago but has spent the last 6 years focusing on Ear Wax Removal but she will always offer her assistance with any hearing aid advice
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