Who Are We

Paul Jolly



Paul is a Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser and also a member of the BSHAA.

Paul has been prescribing and fitting hearing aids since he was 18 years old, Paul can draw from his experience both on a national basis and his work in Harley Street. For the past 20 years Paul has been helping the local community with their hearing needs and he is known for his tenacity and his enthusiasm for new technology ensuring his clients get the best from their hearing experience. During his spare time Paul is a very keen wildlife photographer and travels to Africa to develop his photography skills further, he is especially interested in Big Cats.

Jo Jolly



Jo is a Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser and also a member of BSHAA.

Jo started out her career as a Nurse qualifying both in Psychiatry and General Nursing, she became involved with hearing and hearing aids over 20 years ago. For the last 6 years Jo has specialized in Ear Wax Removal using Micro Suction and this is now her main interest, she has a large client base and has now helped over 10,000 people hear again. Jo is extremely good with anxious clients. During her spare time Jo loves going on safari, she travels to Africa whenever she can to continue to develop her ‘Track and Sign skills, she has a soft spot for Elephants and Jackals.

Local Hearing is a family run business based in Ruislip Manor. Husband and Wife team Paul and Jo Jolly have been helping the community hear for the last 20 years, through Branch and Home Visits. They pride themselves on the high level of care they give their clients and ensure that each appointment is tailored to each individual to enhance their hearing experience. Paul embraces new technology and really ‘digs’ deep to help clients as much as he can. Jo now focuses on Ear Wax Removal by Micro Suction...and she loves it !!

It can be difficult to find a right solution to your hearing loss, it can also be very confusing as there is such a wide variety of hearing aids available.

Paul and Jo Jolly are fully qualified and registered with the Health Care Professional Council , they will guide you to choose the most appropriate hearing system for you. We may not necessarily be the cheapest but we will ensure you are provided with the best services locally and a hearing solution to suit your needs now and for the future.

Please call us at 01895 677776 and we can discuss your needs further or email us at [email protected]

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